Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Title: Inkheart

Author: Cornelia Funke (The first book of the 'Inkworld' trilogy)

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

Review: This was my second time reading this book, and I was definitely not disappointed. I've been wanting to read the entire Inkworld trilogy for a while now, but I came to the realization that I didn't quite remember what happened in the first book. Thus, I decided to read it over again. It certainly holds up to multiple readings, and I enjoyed it the second time around, even though the plot details kept coming back to me as time went on.

Mo, the main character's father, can read characters out of books, when he reads aloud. However, this always comes with a consequence, and because of it, our main character Meggie has never heard her father's reading voice. One day, one of the characters Mo had read out of the book comes to his house, begging him to try to read him back. This man's name is Dustfinger, and he calls Meggie's father 'Silvertounge', much to her surprise at the strange sounding name.

This is a story of thieves and fantasy villains come to life, and it is absolutely gripping. It was initially intended for a younger audience, I believe, but I found it interesting as a teenager, and I'm all but assuming some adults would enjoy it as well. If you like fantasy and adventure, then I would definitely recommend this book.

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